Advanced Facial Treatment Training

Permanent Makeup & Microblading/ NANO Course Includes:
Advanced Apprentice Program

  • Safety, Sterilization & Sanitation
  • Procedure Room/Station Setup
  • Procedure After-Care
  • Needle Selection & Usage
  • Makeup Artistry w/ Symmetry
  • Technical Application of Permanent Cosmetics
  • Color Theory & Color Mixing
  • Skin Types, Colors & Undertones
  • Client Consultation
  • Highlighting & Shadowing
  • Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)
  • Eye Lash Enhancements
  • Lip Liner
  • Full Lip Shading 2D & 3D
  • Beauty Marks
  • Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Pigments & Equipment
  • Advanced Color Theory & Mixing
  • Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removal
  • Alopecia
  • Areola & nipple pigmentation in 2 & 3D
  • Birth Marks
  • Hair simulation in 3D for women and men
  • Scar therapy (acne, burn, injury, illness, surgery)
  • Scar camouflage in 3D
  • Vitiligo
  • Removal of unsightly capillaries
  • Reduction or elimination of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, rosacea, cellulite & stretch marks using
  • Client consent forms


Eyelash Extensions Training Includes:

  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Product knowledge
  • Hands on eyelash training
  • Adhesive control
  • Preparation of eyelashes
  • Lash placement
  • Proper eyelash removal
  • Eyelash Extensions Training ​
  • Basic Apprentice Course Includes:

Permanent Makeup Training


Forever Natural

Permanent Makeup & Spa

Exclusive care &

permanent enhancements

Advanced Apprentice Program

Training Courses 


  • Chemical Peels
  • Microdermabraision
  • Hydrofacial
  • Ultrasonic
  • and much, much, more

Forever Natural offers our students two options of apprentice programs; Basic Apprentice Program and Advanced Apprentice Program. The apprentice programs offer students extensive one on one training. As a certified permanent makeup practitioner Swanie B. is delighted to offer his students unique techniques, skills, and standards of micro-pigmentation application. Learn how to restore confidence with a stroke of a needle. In addition to our basic apprentice program, Forever Natural offers an  advanced apprenticeship course for those who want to further their skills and techniques. It is important that we accommodate everyone. We understand life can get busy. That is why our apprenticeship courses are flexible. We work with every schedule. 

Swanie.B Cosmetic practitioner/World Renowned Instructor

Save on travel costs,  Forever Natural's permanent makeup practitioner will come to you. Forever Natural's program offers availability in person, Skype, or web cam. Receive one on one training at your spa, salon, or home for your convenience.  For Forever Natural training programs on site, please call to arrange an appointment.

For more information, call 1 (760) 660-3738 or email


Microblading NANO Brow Training
Come work side by side with Swanie B and his Team of Microneedle Artist
Students can come to Forever Natural and watch our artists work. We strive to make sure all of our students are comfortable with the procedures before they work on clients.

You can finish a course within 5 days, but you have 3 months to complete if you need more time. Most students get certified within the 5 days.

You must complete the training and receive your certificate for the Blood-borne Pathogens prior to your first day of class.

There is a $500 deposit (non-refundable) in order to sign up for the class. You will pay the remainder of your balance on your first day of class. We take credit/debit, cash, and checks. We do offer financial aid with monthly payments as low as $50 a month, other payments available.

Certificates earned from other schools may or may not be acceptable for our Advanced and Paramedical Course registration. You may be required to bring models to show your skills as a technician prior to starting one of these courses.

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